Our Team


From left to right: Cecilia, Paka, Candy, Tina, Queena and Jasmine

Below you will find information on each of our staff members.


Hi, I’m Tina. I’m the founder of Aupairia. I also have another role here. I‘m a host mum myself with the au pair program.

I started Aupairia because of the wonderful experience I had in many other au pair programs. They brought me and my au pairs wonderful relations and memories- Our au pairs do not only bring the practical English language skills to the family members, they also allow us to indulge in different cultures. For my little boy, they have helped him better understand different countries’ culture and alternative ways of thinking and communicating. The experience shared with my family and our au pairs let us feel more confident and comfortable when we communicate with people from a totally different cultural background and work together with each other more effectively and gracefully. China is a rapidly developing country and with its booming Chinese economy comes great opportunities for the whole world. As for au pairs, the program brings them a great opportunity and ample time to have a close observation in China, to experience Chinese life, culture and even to explore new career options in this prosperous country. They can have an in-depth experience of Chinese culture and customs, exploring new opportunities for their career, develop their communication and co-operation skills in an intercultural environment. As well as Learning Mandarin and gaining the experience of educating during their 3-months or longer programs. These experiences will benefit their personal career in the near future. I hope, with the unremitting efforts of Aupairia team, we can bring this win-win relation and its benefits to more and more Chinese families and young foreigners alike.

  Cecilia Liu

Hi, I’m Cicy and I will be your Chinese teacher when you are in Beijing.

Here at Aupairia I develop cultural and educational courses as well as expanding our research for educational components.
I am a graduate of both China Agricultural University and Tianjin Normal University. I have a bachelors degree in chemistry and a master in education technology. I have a strong background in teaching both Chinese and English as a second language. As a volunteer teacher for the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, I have taught at the Confucius Institute University of Nairobi lecturing Chinese. I was responsible for the coordination of daily activities with the choir club. I enjoy helping others to learn Chinese or explore themselves further when learning a second language. I Hope our program can bring you some new ideas both in learning a language and understanding the different people and their cultures.
In my spare time, I like to read, especially non-fiction books and graphic novels. I watch Japanese anime, play video games, draw and make rubber-stamps. On sunny days you can find me walking in Beijing Hutongs or visiting bookstores.

  Candy Ge

Hi, I’m Candy and I will be your main guide through the application and matching process.

Here at Aupairia I’m responsible for contacting and interviewing au pairs, supporting them through the application process as well as communicating with the overseas partners.
I am an English Language and Literature graduate from Capital Normal University. I also traveled and studied at the University of Oxford for a short period. One of my passions is ancient Chinese culture and I worked as a teacher of ancient Chinese culture for several years. I have happy memories from my days at university working as a leader and coordinator of summer and winter camps for teenagers. I love working with my colleagues and friends here at Aupairia and we all look forward to meeting you in China!

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, traveling and practicing Chinese calligraphy.

  Queena Xian

Hello! I am Queena. My main role is to help with your pre-arrival procedures, such as booking your flight, insurance, arrange your orientation course etc. I will probably be the first person you meet in China as I will pick you up from the airport in Beijing!
I graduated from China University of Labor Relations in Beijing. I come from Sichuan province, which is famous for its spicy and delicious food. If you like to eat hot pot, then Sichuan must be your first choice.
I have lots of hobbies, especially reading books. I like reading all kinds of books. In my spare time, I also go to the gym. I like running and listening to music at the same time.

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