Our Team

The Aupairia team – Candy, Jasmine, Tina, Martin, Hedy, Cicy and Nancy

Below you will find information on each of our staff members.



Cecilia Liu

Hi, I’m Cicy and I will be your Chinese teacher when you are in Beijing.

Here at Aupairia I also develop cultural and educational courses as well as expanding our research for educational components.

A graduate of both China Agricultural University and Tianjin Normal University, I have a bachelors degree in chemistry and a masters in education technology. I have a strong background in teaching both Chinese and English as a second language. As a volunteer teacher for the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language I spent a year at the Confucius Institute University of Nairobi lecturing Chinese and was responsible for coordination of the daily activities of the choir club.

In my spare time I like to read books especially non-fiction books and graphic novels, watch Japanese anime, play video games, draw and make rubber-stamps. On sunny days you can find me walking in Beijing Hutongs or visiting book stores.

Candy Ge

Hi, I’m Candy and I will be your main guide through the application process.

Here at Aupairia I’m responsible for contacting and interviewing au pairs, supporting them through the application process and providing additional support in China

An English Language and Literature graduate from Capital Normal University I also travelled and studied at the University of Oxford for a short period. One of my passions is ancient Chinese culture and I worked as a teacher of ancient Chinese culture for several years. I have happy memories from my days at university working as a leader and coordinator of summer and winter camps for teenagers. I love working with my colleagues and friends here at Aupairia and we all look forward to meeting you in China!

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, travelling and practicing Chinese calligraphy.

Nancy Ma

Hi, I’m Nancy and I am your main link to your host family.

Here at Aupairia I’m responsible for liaising with host families and office administration.

I graduated from University of Science & Technology Beijing as a foreign trade major. After university I worked as an international trade role in a biotechnology company, providing pre- and post-sale support to customers from Japan, America and around the world. I love bringing people together so focus on helping the host families and au pairs get to know each other. I want to ensure that you and your host family live happily together, become good friends and make lasting partnerships.

In my spare time, I like to hang out with friends and perhaps go shopping; retail therapy is the best way to relax! But sometimes I just like to stay at home and read novels, childhood education or business management books.

Jasmine Fu

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I will probably meet you at the airport and help you settle into life in China.

Here at Aupairia I support the au pair recruitment activity and manage the English educational resources.

I graduated from Jinan University where I majored in German, which is handy as we source most of our insurance via a German insurance company. Heavily involved in the orientation program there is a good chance that I will be the first person you meet as I usually pick up new au pairs from the airport. I have a wide range of hobbies, such as swimming, reading and writing Chinese calligraphy. Like my colleagues, I am passionate about cultural exchanges and work hard to ensure the experience is a wonderful and memorable one for both au pairs and host families.

Hedy Feng

Hi, I’m Hedy and we may chat if you are active on social media.

Here at Aupairia I am responsible for the digital marketing of our activities.

I am an English Language and Literature graduate from Capital Normal University. I share the team’s passion for cultural exchange and language study. My work is mainly in the digital realm where we use social media to contact and recruit au pairs and host families to join our program and share their adventures.

My many hobbies include playing musical instruments (the trumpet and the hu lu si, which is a traditional Chinese wind instrument made from a gourd), learning new languages and travel.

Martin Long

Hi, I’m Martin the resident Brit of the team.

Here at Aupairia I am responsible au pair recruitment, TEFL skills training and overall business development.

A long time ago I graduated from the University of St Andrews with a degree in Chemistry. My business career started in the wine and spirits business where I spent many happy years marketing whisky, gin, brandy and champagne across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. I then became an ESL teacher for ten years in China. Bringing my commercial and educational backgrounds together I now have a happy home here at Aupairia where I lead the international side of our business.

In my spare time I play hockey, slowly improve my Chinese and in the winter I ski.

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