Why Aupairia

Professional and friendly team

Our international team has a variety of experiences and skills. Our Founder and President has herself been a host mom to many au pairs and so she knows what a host family expects. Other team members have backgrounds teaching Chinese, teaching English, working for international education companies, translating and most of us have lived, worked or studied abroad. We all share a passion in bringing people together and connecting cultures.

Comprehensive support during the program

We welcome you and collect you from the airport, and put you up at a hotel near our office during the orientation course. Our team will contact both you and the host family on a regular basis to ensure that all is well and resolve any problems that might occur as you get to know each other. We offer training and assistance with teaching English skills – our British team member has been an ESL teacher for over ten years. Our team is available to you 24/7 in case of any emergencies.

Living abroad is exciting and fun, but sometimes you may feel homesick and a little bit at sea in a new environment, so we organize regular social gatherings for our au pairs and we offer guidance on your further travel and study plans in China after the program. We can also help with visa extension applications if you want to extend your stay.

Careful placement

We are based in Beijing with our offices in the beautiful WangJing SOHO building designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

During our initial consultation with potential host families we get to know them. We learn about their family structure, living environment, educational background and ideals, the individual personalities of the family members (especially their children!) and most importantly their expectations of hosting an au pair. We also help them understand the duties and responsibilities of the au pair.

Prior to your arrival, we will help you and your host family with all necessary preparations. For example, we will learn about the family children’s hobbies and interests, your strengths and abilities (maybe you play the piano, are an amateur artist, a talented sportsperson, sing beautifully or simply know lots of fairy tales) and communicate with both of you. By knowing more about each other, you may get better ideas on how you can best prepare for your time together.

If you have the same passion and want to begin your adventure in China, apply here.