Why China

China is a beautiful and culturally rich country. In the latest decades, China has start to accept more and more new innovations, and provide great opportunities to the youth from all over the world. With Aupairia au pair program, you can have an in-depth experience of Chinese life and culture with a Chinese family. During your stay you will have ample opportunities to explore both your host city (which might be Beijing, Dalian, Shanghai or other cities), you can also experience Mandarin learning, Chinese traditional arts, some interesting pastimes, and unmissable culture sightseeing with our Aupairia program.

Learning Mandarin

It is a wonderful opportunity for immersing yourself in Chinese language and its culture. Mandarin, as a language has over 3,000 years’ development, and is known as the second business language of the world. It can benefit not only your width of cultural experiences, but also your CV when you start your career. In three months you can expect to go from a novice speaker to passing a HSK1 exam or higher. You’ll also be able to grasp a deeper understanding of Chinese culture through it. If you are interested in language learning, or you want to add a useful skill on your CV, the Aupairia program will be an excellent choice! Our teachers are trained professionals skilled at providing guidance for the HSK exam. They will also guide you while you immerse yourself in the culture and ever numerous opportunities to hone your new found skills every day.

Chinese Art and Pastimes

Like every well-known culturally rich country, China is famous for its arts, sports and a whole array of pastimes. If you want to explore the different art forms and entertainments in China, look no further then Aupairia. You can expect to indulge in cultural activities such as, calligraphy, making pottery, seals carving and traditional Mahjong games.

Exploring Famous Landmarks and Sightseeing.

Beijing is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks, gardens, tombs, walls and gates. Its art treasures and universities have made it a centre of culture in China. At the same time, Beijing is a super developed modern city and has a great subway system with which you can reach most the parts of the city easily. During your stay, you have ample time to enjoy the convenience of life while begin amongst the combination of modern and traditional culture. You and other au pairs from all over the world will enjoy the culture trips such as The Great Wall and Ming tombs with our Aupairia program.

Great Opportunities to Enhance Your Career

Whether it’s to stop and think through your career progression, to have a better understanding of the global business, or even to be a TEFL teacher in future, China is absolutely the place to visit! As the second largest economic entity in the world, China provides plenty of business opportunities and wide career options alike. People here are keen to gain new knowledge, of the world outside China, and they’re eager to learn second languages. Living as part of a Chinese family within a close-knit community will expose you to depths of Chinese life and family culture unlike anything else. You will thrive in the rich history and heritage that everyone can offer you.

Overall, if you want to have an extraordinary life experience and start your adventure, China will be a great choice and we, Team Aupairia, will help you to have an unforgettable experience here in China! So what are you waiting for?

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