Our Program

You will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin, experience Chinese culture, explore China, make new friends from different countries, broaden your outlook, experience self development as well as influencing others in a positive way.

Learn Mandarin


Not only will you have four classes a week, living in China will allow you to immerse yourself in a Chinese speaking environment to use the language you learn from the class in everyday life. By the end of a three month program you will be ready to take the HSK level 1 exam.

Experience Chinese culture


Every week you will take part in cultural courses and every month we will have a special group cultural activity so you will explore a variety of modern and ancient traditions of China. In addition, by living with a local family you will also experience daily life in a way that you simply cannot get any other way – being part of a local Chinese community, local eating habits, social activities, street entertainment, the national and local customs of different festivals and many more. You will taste the local cuisine and may even try delicacies which are not to be found in your home country. In addition you will have the opportunity to learn about the cultures of your fellow au pairs who may come from a variety of home nations.

Self development

Adjusting to a new environment will help you find out new things about yourself, you will become more independent and mature. By living with the host family and sharing your daily life, you will become more skilled at getting along with people from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, during the process of tutoring English to your host family’s children, you will learn about different perspectives and strengthen your skills too. Helping a child to study English as a second language is sometimes challenging. But it will train you to become a better communicator and strengthen your self confidence.

Affordable program

  • Your flights to and from China, room and board with the family plus comprehensive health, travel and liability insurance are all supplied to you at no cost!
  • You will need to pay for your own visa application, criminal background check and medical clearance and these costs will vary depending on your home country.
  • The only payment you will make to us is the refundable security deposit which is fully refunded upon satisfactory completion of the program.
  • Monthly allowance and completion bonus – each month you will be paid an allowance, and when you finish the program will receive a completion bonus. You can shop in Beijing or hang out with your friends.

For an unforgettable adventure, apply to become an au pair in China