Our Au Pairs Say

I had the opportunity to meet amazing people from all over the world, and be able to explore China with them thanks to this program. It wasn’t what I was expecting, it was great, I my host family was amazing, the staff is helpful and they care about how you feel, I had the opportunity to travel to lots of places, places that I never thought I will visit, and all thanks to this program.

Paul, Gap year student, Mexico, participated in 2019

This was the best way to get a foot in China especially if you have always wanted to visit China. You get your flight paid for, health insurance, Mandarin courses, housing and meals paid for and some pocket money to pay for your necessities. Being an au pair is a great way for you to learn more about Chinese culture, especially because you will live with a host family. You can learn a lot by living with them.

Sophie, Gap year student before attending The University of Manchester, UK, participated in 2019

I had an amazing time learning about the culture, language, food and the role/responsibility as an older brother. The programme organizers made the transition into a new country and family very smooth! I found it to be a real privilege to be able to so seamlessly integrate into a new family, and I have to thank Aupairia for making this so much easier. They were very thoughtful and organized from the get go and made China a very accessible country to visit and participate in a cultural exchange.

Nathan, University of Tasmania, Australia, participated in 2019

Going through with this program was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I met loads of wonderful people and made good friends from all walks of life whom I still keep in contact with. We had free housing as we lived with the host family, we had complimentary Chinese language and cultural classes at a university, monthly cultural activities, the company really looks after you from the moment you land in China, they’ll pick you up, set and brief you up, prepare you for what to come and basically tries to make your stay as pleasant and most enjoyable as possible.

Nita, Gap year student, Nepal, participated in 2019

So coming to China was the first time I’d gone abroad alone, and coming from Scotland, UK, it was a big step, however, I have to say that over the six months I’ve been here with the program it’s been pretty amazing and I’ve learned so much about myself and a whole new culture and language. The company I was with Aupairia, I’ve had a good experience with so I do recommend them to anyone else interesting in taking part. I never expected myself to come to China but I am so glad I did because I’ve met some unforgettable people and have made some great memories. And also my social media has been filled with great travelling photos! I’m really grateful for my experience here and I am quite sad to be leaving. But I know I am coming back to China again!

Scott, Gap year student, UK, participated in 2019

I had a very interesting time working as an au pair. The Mandarin classes are a definite highlight of the program, as I have felt my skills improve greatly since first arriving here. Very good program for someone looking for something to do in their gap year. The cultural activities were very enjoyable and I learned a lot about people from other cultures. You have a lot of free time during the day to explore Beijing and some time to do traveling outside the city as well. In my time here, I visited Shanghai, Dalian, and even had a quick jaunt over to Seoul, which I never would have been able to afford without the help of this program.

Sara, Binghamton University, USA, participated in 2018

I spent 3 months in Beijing living with 2 different host families as an Au pair with Auparia. Overall it was a very positive experience, both my host families were very welcoming and the living conditions were very good. The host kids were nice and it was enjoyable to work with them. The Aupairia staff were helpful and always looking for feedback to help improve. I had a lot of free time to explore Beijing which made my experience even better as it is a really interesting city to explore.

 Sam, Kingston University, UK, participated in 2018

We did activities together, we went to University to learn Mandarin, we visit temples, we went out, we  became friends. Our mandarin teacher was always super helpful and we leaned a lot with each other. Every time I had a problem or needed help, Aupairia was there to help! I learnt so much about China and Chinese people, Language, other countries and also about be. It was such a great experience.

Ana, Escola Superior de Saude de Leiria, Portugal, participated in 2018

The Great Wall of China was just as amazing as the pictures, the food was delicious and the culture activities were educational. But this trip is so much more than what was advertised, I got to travel with the host family to museums, local art galleries and spent a magical christmas at Shanghai DisneyLand. I highly recommend this program to all!

Making dumplings together

Ryan, University of Otago, New Zealand, participated in 2018

Aupairia is a great company and their program is very affortable. Living with a Chinese family makes you feel like a local and you have many chances to travel around. I became very close with my host family and now have a little sister! Adapting to a new culture can be hard but you will grow so much. I love Aupairia!

   Michelle, Bridgewater State University, USA, participated in 2018

It was an amazing cultural experience not only because of the mandarin courses and instant cultural inclusion with a host family, but also because of the other aupairs form all over the world that you will meet. I didn’t think that I would be practicing my Spanish with au pairs from Mexico or learning about Macau from the Portuguese aupairs, but i did and it was an experience that I wont ever forget.

Andrew, University of North Texas, USA, participated in 2018

I had a great experience with Aupairia. My host family was fantastic and they made an effort to make me feel like part of the family. The children were lovely and I feel like I made a good connection with them. I had plenty of free time to travel around Beijing. The university classes really helped me improve my Chinese. Overall an awesome 3 months!

  Sasha, Rhodes University, South Africa, participated in 2018

In the beginning I was surprised by their quick response and willingness to help in any case needed. This did not end once I arrived in China. After picking me up at the airport I was welcomed into the group of aupairs , we became a such a close family here that by the time everyone started going home and the new aupairs started coming in it was hard to say goodbye.

Jacques,University of Pretoria, South Africa, participated in 2017

Definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far. I have enjoyed every minute of my stay here in China, with the other aupairs, with my family and with the amazing aupairia staff. Had so much fun during Chinese classes and cultural activities, discovering new things about Chinese life style and culture. I’m so glad this experience has given me the opportunity to meet new people that i can now call my friends!

Agnese, University of Bologna, Italy, participated in 2017

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