Christmas comes once a year and always brings good cheer. On Christmas Eve, the au pairs had dinner and a party in Beijing. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

This Friday,we had a culture class about Chinses traditional painting. Cicy, the painting teacher, taught our au pairs the basics of Chinese painting skils. Let's have a look at their masterpiece!

A big well done goes to our au pairs who joined one of Aupairia's October Chinese cultural activities - Calligraphy! You are all experts now!

Aupairia staff Cicy held a traditional tea ceremony for our au pairs and showed the rich tea histories and profound tea culture. Tea, a traditional beverage originated from China, is one of three major beverages in the world. Nowadays, nearly 3 billion people in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide like drinking tea. The Chinese have enjoyed tea for more than 3000 years.

Aupairia Culture Activity - Making Mooncakes for Mid-Autum Festivel

Alumni Interview - Marcos:Marcos stayed in Beijing for 4 months with a loving and caring family. He had to face many challenges along the way and to adapt to this new culture but at the end became wiser and with a broader perspective on the world he lives. He loved this experience and so will you. Join the auparia now.

Culture Class - traditional instrument Guqin

Welcome Oliwer!!!

Shi Du drafting activity

Welcome Andrea!!! Yesterday, Andrea arrived in Beijing, China. After he arrived, our au pairs Alex, Brennan, and Aupairia member Chale went to Qian Men Street for an orientation trip. We drank a cup of tea at a local tea house, and had Beijing duck for lunch!!!!

Culture Activity - Dragon Boat Festival

Culture Activity - Pottery

Alumni interview - Alex

Culture Class: Today our au pairs did Tai Chi at Beijing Sport University, Let's find out what they have learned!

Welcome Marcos And Brennan!!!

Welcome Fred, Valerie!

Hope Fred and Valerie have a meaningful six months in China!

Welcome and hope you an unforgettable summer in China!


Welcome Lisa Xu from #Canada who is studying #journalism and linguistics at Carleton University (Official), and her dream is to work in Asia in the future.

WETM-IAC (Work Experience Travel Market and IAPA Annual Conference) is the joint event of WYSE Travel Confederation and the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and provides a unique cost effective business-to-business opportunity for senders and receivers serving all aspects of cultural exchange, au pairing, volunteering, internship and work experience.

Greetings to Georgia, Bethany and Alejandra - three new au pairs who join the Aupairia team for their adventure in China!

hed with a new company name, new logo and new website. Our new name of “Aupairia” represents the idea of a land of au pairs, and our new logo conveys the idea of international cultural communication. ...