What are the requirements of applying to be an au pair in China?
Based on the regulations of the au pair program in China, au pairs are required to meet the following requirements:

    √ are comfortable looking after children
    √ are a secondary school graduate, equivalent, or higher;
    √ are in good health;
    √ have no criminal record;
    √ want to live with a Chinese family;
    √ have native or near-native English skills;
    √ Be a single person at 18-28 years old;

What is this program about?
We run the au pair cultural exchange program for 3-12 months or longer in China. As an au pair in China, you will share your language (mostly English) and culture with a Chinese family and their kids, and in exchange you get free flights, free food and accommodation, free weekly Mandarin lessons and monthly Chinese cultural activities, a monthly allowance etc.

How long is this program, when does the program start?
We recruit au pairs all year round, so we are flexible to when you are looking to come to China. The program length is from 3-12months. Minimum stay is 3 months.

Do I have to be able to speak Mandarin to apply for this program?
We don’t expect you to speak Mandarin. Most au pairs don’t speak any Mandarin before they come to China as well. We offer you Mandarin lessons per week at a local language school or university to help you learn Mandarin for free as part of our cultural exchange!

Do I have to have a TEFL certificate to apply for this program?
It’s good to have a TEFL certificate, but not a must have. We provide a TEFL training course and guidance to help you tutor the host family kids.

Do I have to have a driving license?
You don’t have to have a driver license to apply for our program. We don’t recommend au pairs to drive in China, the driving regulations between China and your country are different as well.

How do I apply?
Please submit your application here: https://aupairia.com/apply-now/, one of our representative will get back to you shortly.

How long does it take from when I apply to arrive in China?
The whole procedure takes about 6-8 weeks. The process of finding a host family usually takes 2 weeks depending on the requirements of host families and qualities of the au pair. We recommend you apply at least 3 months before your planned arrival date so we have enough time to search you a host family, help you get the visa etc.

What is the cost of applying for this program?
For the cost involved in the program, Please refer to our website information here: https://aupairia.com/becoming-an-au-pair-in-china/benefits

Do I get a salary from this program?
This is a cultural exchange program so you will not get a salary, the host family provides you a monthly allowance of RMB1000. They also cover the free round trip flights, food and accommodation, insurance, weekly Mandarin lessons, monthly cultural activities etc to help you experience the Chinese culture and learn Mandarin.

What is the main age group of this program participants?
We accept au pairs aged between 18-29 years old, most au pairs are aged from 18-25. Some of them are doing a gap year or spend a summer vacation or a semester abroad in between their schools. You will not only learn about Chinese culture, but also make friends and learn the cultures of other au pairs’ countries. We have au pairs from over 15 countries!

Can I get more information of the weekly Mandarin course?
We provide Mandarin lessons for 4-6 class hours every week at the local language school or a university. Quite a few beginners have passed the HSK level 1 after 3 months program. Our current record is 192 out of 200! Most of our au pairs said their Mandarin have improved a lot during their time in China!

When do I have to submit the application documents?
To apply for our program, you need to have a medical, get a criminal background check, two references, submit your highest education diploma, and also apply for the Chinese visa. We will walk you through the procedures of applying for these documents after you submit your short or full application here: https://aupairia.com/apply-now/.

Do I get a completion bonus after the program?
For the satisfactory completion of a six-month program or twelve-month program, we provide a three-day and two-night tour to Xi’an, one of the most historical cities in northwest China.

Will I get help with the visa?
We help you the process of applying for a Chinese visa after we match you with a host family.

What cities are the host families based?
We have families in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian etc.

What is the English level of the host family kid?How many kids do the family have and how old are the kids?
Most family and kids can speak English at a beginner level, some of them can speak very fluently. It depends on the family.
Most families have two kids, some families may have one or three kids. Our kids’ age are between 3-18, most of them are aged between 5-10 years old.

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