Chinese Culture

Nearly five thousand years of history has contributed to the kaleidoscope of Chinese culture. Chinese culture is a complex organism made up by several components such as Chinese Art, literature, philosophy, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese folk customs. These components are interlinked and interwoven with each other.

Chinese Art

Traditional arts include disciplines such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, Chinese Opera and traditional music, and a wide range of Chinese folk art forms. Building on the forms of old, today Chinese artists use modern art form to express Chinese traditional stories or combine the different styles of art together to pursue better artistic performance in painting, music, sculpture and drama.

Chinese folk customs

China is home to a vast array of local Chinese folk customs and traditions. One custom in Beijing is to buy a statue representing the rabbit god over Chinese New Year. This is thought to bring prosperity and good luck to the household.

Traditional Chinese medicine

TCM is deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and has strong links with Tai Qi, Kung Fu and other martial arts. At the heart of TCM is the idea of balance and as part of your studies you may acquire a new way to look at and appreciate life.

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