Five reasons to be an au pair in China

  • Marina, an Au Pair in China from Mexico, she studied abroad at University of Otago in New Zealand for one semester and graduated from University as a law major student last year. Before step into society, she decided to be an au pair in China for nine months. Now she is sharing Mexican culture and learning Chinese culture in Beijing. She made a best friend Ada in China, and next year they are planning to come back to China together to learn Mandarin! Here are her five reasons to be an au pair in China!
  1. Language

    As the world’s leading economy, Mandarin is becoming more and more popular and important. In Mexico, there are an increasing number of Confucius institute set up in the universities not only in the south but also in the north where there is fewer population. I have been learning Mandarin since March when I arrived and I am aiming to come back to China next year with a full scholarship.

  2. Career

    It’s a great experience for people who want to develop their career in learning the language acquisition of young learners, linguistics, how young kids learn a new language, teaching English as a second language etc.

  3. Live like a local

    As an au pair, you are going to live like a local instead of visiting, you will have three meals a day with the local family, take the crowded morning subway like other Chinese people, and attend a university.

  4. Grow as a person

    You are going to become more resilient, independent and mature through this experience abroad. How did I grow? Because of the language barrier, every daily interaction with the people are challenging and require brain work. You are going to try to think ways to make yourself understood. Even if some people do speak English, sometimes the original meaning gets lost in translation, and whatever problems you encounter, you are going to try to solve it by yourself. With the host family, you are going to try understand their lifestyle, their sense of humor, learn to be more direct to express your feelings and not embarrassed, always be proactive and not afraid of communicating with them. I am very lucky to have a very nice family who understands my culture and background, they are like my real family and treat me like their daughter, I can even talk with them about my au pair friends, my social life. They understand what I like to do and try to combine them with teaching William (the host family kid) English and Spanish.

  5. Fun!

    (1) Beijing is special because of its people live here.

    Being an au pair in China is the funniest, most dynamic time of my life, it’s very cool to live here, especially in Beijing, the night life here is very good, both young Chinese and foreigners are very welcoming, open-minded and adventurous. They always like to try new things and find adventures. Beijing is special because of its people live here. It makes me feel happy to wake up every morning and jump out of the bed to welcome the new day!

    (2) It’s so cheap!

    It’s very cheap to have fun, go to a nice bar or have food in China!

    (3) China is inclusive.

    China accepts people from different countries, people who come here are open-minded and they don’t judge people from their dresses, appearance, just about attitude.

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