Marina is an au pair based in Beijing, China. She came to China in March 2018 and by the time she finishes the program, she would have stayed for almost 10 months. She made a best friend Ada in China, and next year they are planning to come back to China together to learn Mandarin! Here are her five reasons to be an au pair in China!

How is everyday life as an au pair? Let's hear Annie's first month stories as an au pair in China.

What can you explore in China? Please see the story from our au pairs, Daniel and Lisa. If you are a foodie, this story is for you!

Yes, you don't watch wrong! We went to #theGreatWall again! Acturally it's our annually cultural activities. Everyone knows that the Great Wall is #Chinese giant project. And people who have ever come to China would love to visit.

In the cultural activity of last week, Aupairia brought the au pairs to Shi cha hai to enjoy the ice...

Last week, Aupairia au pairs and staff celebrated the Laba festival at Beijing Office by making dumplings.

For our monthly au pair activity, we took our au pairs to Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou district, o...