Homesickness is real and when it hits you, you feel it in so many ways. It impacts you mentally and sometimes even physically. Though often joked about, it really does affect you.

Xi'an is a beautiful city located in central China, it is also the Easternmost site of the Silk Route. Xi'an is a very popular tourism city now because of its long history and splendid culture. As someone who was born and raised here, I am proud to introduce this wonderful city to you. If you have a three day or longer holiday, you can't miss it.

Jo is a 19-year-old Pharmacology and Chinese student from Australia. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, crafts, going to the beach, seeing friends, spending time with her two dogs and learning new languages including Mandarin and French. Recently she moved to Beijing as an au pair for three months and travelled around China afterwards. Let’s find out her stories!

Jacques is a former engineering student from South Africa. For the past 2 years, he's come to Beijing and spent his three months’ summer vacation as an au pair. “It was so weird for me this year to not be getting ready to get on a plane” said Jacques. Let’s find out how has the au pair program influenced his future career and life.

Hi everyone! We very excited to share some of their experiences with you! One of the best parts about visiting a new country is to learn about its culture. In an agricultural country like China, food is an important part of its culture.........

In the depths of the Australian wilderness emerged a nimble and thought-provoking individual that seemed alien in every sense of the word. Perhaps he was just an alien in disguise, trying to mimic human ... Blog by Lachornot

From Nov to early Dec, it's a perfect time to come enjoy the fallen leaves in Beijing. This season is a local favourite as autumn comes it brings clear skies and the foliage within Beijing bursts into a myriad of colours for all to see. Here are 8 best locations to catch a glimpse of these fallen leaves to appreciate this seasonal treat in Beijing. I hope you will be able to enjoy this beautiful season with the help of this guide.

Hi guys, I'm Marco from Italy. I have been au pair in Beijing for almost three months. On my spare time I travelled to lots of places both in and out of the city. One of my favoriate places is a nearby city called Tianjin, which i went with two other au pairs Toby and Roxane and one of our friends in Beijing. As a coastal city on the shore of Bohai sea, it has its unique sceneries from the cosy beach to its city life. Here are my five reasons why you should visit it.

Whether you’re heading to China for a week or for a year, there are a few apps you’re definitely going to need on your phone. In the past decades, with the development of the China's economy and advancement of internet technology,almost everything can be done now on your phone. These apps are strongly recommended to help you experience life in China and explore the country without much hassle.

Jet lag is a problem that always bothers travellers when they are travelling across many time zones especially for au pairs flying from a western country to China. Your body perceives the previous time zone and feels tired, excited or sleepy etc in the wrong time in the new time zone. Don't worry! We have some advice for you!

Marina is an au pair based in Beijing, China. She came to China in March 2018 and by the time she finishes the program, she would have stayed for almost 10 months. She made a best friend Ada in China, and next year they are planning to come back to China together to learn Mandarin! Here are her five reasons to be an au pair in China!

How is everyday life as an au pair? Let's hear Annie's first month stories as an au pair in China.

What can you explore in China? Please see the story from our au pairs, Daniel and Lisa. If you are a foodie, this story is for you!

Yes, you don't watch wrong! We went to #theGreatWall again! Acturally it's our annually cultural activities. Everyone knows that the Great Wall is #Chinese giant project. And people who have ever come to China would love to visit.

In the cultural activity of last week, Aupairia brought the au pairs to Shi cha hai to enjoy the ice...

Last week, Aupairia au pairs and staff celebrated the Laba festival at Beijing Office by making dumplings.

For our monthly au pair activity, we took our au pairs to Mutianyu Great Wall in Huairou district, o...