Welcome to Aupairia, the land of au pairs where sharing, learning and experiencing all that is good in life is our goal. Your placement with a host family, whether for 3 months or for longer, will be a real chance to find out more about yourself.

For many of you this will be your first time away from your family for an extended period, and for most of you this will be your first time to China. Whatever your future plans this programme can help you explore your options at very low cost.

If you want to explore the culture of China, the Aupairia programme provides you with plenty of time to go beyond the taste of culture that we share with you in class. Living as part of a Chinese family within a close-knit community will expose you to depths of culture rarely glimpsed by tourists.

If you want to learn Mandarin, the Aupairia programme is a good choice. Our teachers are trained professionals, skilled at providing guidance for the HSK exam. And even better, by immersing yourself in the culture you will have numerous opportunities every day to practice your Chinese skills.

If you want to be a TEFL teacher in the future, the Aupairia programme is a good choice. We will teach you the basic building blocks of teaching English as a second language (ESL), you will be able to learn, practice and hone your skills in a pressure free environment.

If you want to do business in China in the future, the Aupairia programme will help you develop a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and behaviour.
Overall, if you want to have an extraordinary life experience and start your adventure, the Aupairia program is a great choice.

What we provide to you

  • Free round trip tickets
  • Free and meals provided by your host family
  • Monthly stipend: a minimum monthly allowance of RMB 1,000
  • Completion bonus: RMB 1,500 for a 3-month placement, and RMB 3,000 for a 6-month placement.
  • Comprehensive medical and travel insurance
  • Welcome package when we meet you at the airport including a transportation card, local SIM card, Beijing map, RMB 500 stipend advance and more.
  • Orientation programme to help smooth your entrance into China.
  • Four Mandarin lessons and two cultural courses every week and monthly au pair activities to help you learn Mandarin, make friends with other au pairs and experience the Chinese culture.

What you need to provide

  • For the safety and peace of mind of our host families all au pairs need to provide a recent criminal background check, complete a medical in their home country and provide two character references.
  • Visa application costs in your home country.
  • Any personal travel or other personal expenses during the placement.

Refundable security deposit

  • Refundable program deposit – to ensure that Au Pairs are responsible and meet the expectations of the host family we require a security deposit of GBP250. It is refunded upon satisfactory completion of the program

For an unforgettable adventure, apply to become an au pair in China