Au pair vs Travel vs Work in China

We take the stress and hard work out of coming to China. Here we compare the pros and cons of being an au pair with us versus organizing your own travel in China or trying to find a job here.

Travel Au pair with Aupairia Work
Flights You pay Provided You pay or maybe provided
Accommodation You pay Provided You pay
Breakfast, lunch and dinner You pay With the Family You pay
Mandarin lessons Find by yourself and pay Provided No time!
Cultural classes Find by yourself and pay Provided Find by yourself and pay
Insurance Find by yourself and pay Provided Provided
Visa application Do it yourself! We Assist Company assists
Time in China 30 Days 90 Days or longer 1 year or more (but tied to one company)
Free time Lots Ample Not much!
Cultural exposure Limited as a tourist Total Too busy working!
Earn CATS points for your degree No Possible – depends on your study course Maybe as an intern
Orientation No Provided Maybe

There are many positives to visiting China as a tourist but we believe that our program offers a more attractive alternative:

  • Your costs will be so much lower
  • Your opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture and language will be so much greater
  • Your support in planning your trip and experience in China will be so much greater
  • Your visa application will be smoother and easier
  • On your arrival you will be met, welcomed and taken to your hotel
  • You can spend three months here with an option to extend for another three months
  • Your opportunity to make real Chinese and international friendships will be greater
  • If you are a university student, you may be able to earn CATS points towards your degree by participating in our program.

For an unforgettable adventure, apply to become an au pair in China