Au Pair Program

As an au pair at Au Pair Program, you are going to attend 40 Mandarin lessons at the local university or language school for 3 months’ placement, or 80 Mandarin lessons for 6 months’ placement (45mins/lesson). And these are Free for you!

Our host families provide you with your own room in their lovely house along with all your meals. In exchange, you tutor English to the children, improve their knowledge of the world and share your home culture. Click here to read more information about how the program works.

Not only will you have Mandarin classes, living in China will allow you to immerse yourself in a Chinese speaking environment to use the language you learn from the class in everyday life. We hope the course can help you to be ready to take an HSK exam by the end of your program.

The program is 3 or 6 months.  Here are the 2019 arrival dates.  

10th and 24th of January 2019;

20th and 28th of February 2019;

7th, 14th and 21st of March 2019;

11th and 25th of April 2019;

9th and 23rd of May 2019;

13th and 27th of June 2019;

4th and 11th of July 2019;

15th  and 28th August 2019;

5th, 12th and 19th of September 2019;

10th and 24th of October 2019;

7th and 21st of November 2019;

5th and 12th of December 2019;

Cost involved in the program 

To exchange for your 30hours per week of contact time to the host family kids, your round trip tickets, insurance, food and accommodation are covered if you complete the program satisfactorily, monthly allowance is RMB 1,500.

Refundable program deposit – to ensure that au pairs are responsible and meet the expectation of the host family we require a security deposit of GBP500-GBP800. We refund the money back after you complete the program satisfactorily.

Zone1(Europe/Oceania/Asia/Africa)   £500GBP

Zone2(North/Central/South America) £800GBP

Fees to obtain Chinese visa, health check and criminal record check: au pairs need to pay these themselves.

Below we have summarized the details about your costs in the program:

  1. Cost involved in obtaining a Chinese visa which includes:    a) Visa application pay to the local Chinese consulate;      b) Visa supporting documents pay to the language school: GBP £135      c) Visa extension if extend the program and/or visa in China: it’s usually done at a nearby Asian country or back to home country.
  2. Application documents costs (health check, criminal record check etc.)
  3. A program deposit of GBP500-800, which is refundable upon satisfactory completion of the program.
  4. Your own personal travel or other expenses during the placement such as monthly plan for a Chinese phone number which is usually 50-100RMB per month depending on the monthly plan you choose.
  5. Your own transportation costs to the Mandarin lessons and cultural activities and Mandarin textbook of RMB150 per book.
  6. Au pairs departing from North/Central/South America would need to prepare a valid US or Canadian transit visa, or they would need to pay for a cost of GBP600 towards the round trip flight costs if transiting from countries other than the US or Canada.

For an unforgettable adventure, apply to become an au pair in China