2019 Program Calendar

Welcome to join our 2019 program!  We have summarized our monthly cultural activities plan.  This schedule may change according to the circumstances. We will update this as and if any changes occur.

Arrival dates: The Au Pair Program runs all year round so we are flexible to when you are looking to come to China.

2019 Au Pair Program monthly cultural activities

January 2019

au pair Edit is making a dumpling

    Making dumplings                                                                   Peking Opera Mask

February 2019

Ice Car                                                                                              Play Majiong

March 2019

Trip to the Great Wall                                                                     Paper cutting

April 2019

Shadow Play                                                                     Chinese chess

May 2019

Making pottery                                                                                  Play Taichi

June 2019

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival: Making sachet                       Trip to the Summer Palace

July 2019

Traditional Chinese medicine experience            Chinese traditional music instrument: Guqin

August 2019


Seal Carving                                                                                                  Tea ceremony

September 2019


Trip to the Great Wall                                                   Mid-Autumn Festival: Making mooncake

October 2019

Field trip to ethic museum                                                              Calligraphy

November 2019

The Forbidden City                                                                                Chinese painting

December 2019

Christmas party                                                                             Socialize activity

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