Au pair Schedule and Duties


You spend 30 hours of contact time per week with the family child.
You have one and a half days off every week, back to back days off once a month, and three extra days off every three months.


You provide English (or another foreign language based on your language skills) tutoring to and share your culture with the children through daily activities such as:

  • Telling stories or reading books;
  • Playing games and other physical activities;
  • Doing arts and crafts;
  • Helping with homework.

In addition, according to the regulations of the IAPA (International Au Pair Association), you need to keep your own room clean and tidy, make a fair contribution to the cleanness of the ‘common’ areas of your host family’s home, and undertake light household duties, but these are of secondary importance in China.

Sample daily schedule

Example 1. For a family with a boy named Michael in his first year of primary school.

Schedule 1

Colour Type of Work
School pick up and drop off
Play sports such as tennis, badminton or football
Read books and tutor English
Play and explore outside
Family activity such as visit to museum, art gallery or cultural site

So this schedule has an official day off on Friday and a ½ day off on Saturday morning. And from Monday to Thursday there is free time in between dropping off and picking up your host family child from school.

Example #2 – For a family with two girls, the elder sister Betty is at her second year at middle school, and the younger one Elle is at kindergarten.

Scedule 2

Colour Type of Work
Have breakfast with the family and take Betty to school.
Play games, do arts and crafts, tell stories and play outdoor activities with Elle.
Help Betty study English, play games and read bedtime stories for her.
Pick up Betty from school and play outdoor activities and go home.
Family activity such as visit to museum, art gallery or cultural site

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