Why You Must Visit Xi’an As An Au Pair in China

Xi’an is a beautiful city located in central China, it is also the Easternmost site of the Silk Route. Xi’an is a very popular tourism city now because of its long history and splendid culture. As someone who was born and raised here, I am proud to introduce this wonderful city to you. If you have a three day or longer holiday, you can’t miss it.

Being the birthplace of Chinese culture, what Xi’an is to China is like what Rome is to Italy, what Athens is to Greece or what Cairo is to Egypt. They are all “The Four Ancient Capitals of the World”. Nowadays, Xi’an is a modern city. Centered on its developing subways, what we call “metros” in Xi’an, and with a developed bus system, you can easily shuttle from places to places in the city. WeChat Pay is supported almost everywhere in China so you won’t need to worry if you have it. Not only is the scenery in Xi’an pretty, but also the people here are very enthusiastic.

Let ‘s have a look at a short video to get a first impression of Xi’an.

Such a nice city, you might say, so why don’t we go and see it? Here are some places you definitely should visit in Xi’an and here are some tips for you when you plan to go there.

Dayan Pagoda and Great Tang All Day Mall

Dayan Pagoda was built for Master Xuan Zang (Monk Tripitaka) who introduced the classics of buddhist teachings from ancient India to China in Tang dynasty. The pagoda was used to keep these classics and also acted as an office for Master Xuan Zang to translate the classics from ancient Indian characters to Chinese. The music fountain in north square is very famous around the world. You just can’t miss it. Dayan Pagoda has been in the south of Xi’an for more than 2000 years. But south of the pagoda is a more modern place, we called it Great Tang All Day Mall, the lighting and music are theme of this street. The architectures and sculptures were all designed using Tang Style, showing the development and inheritance of Chinese culture throughout the ages. A note of interest, the arts or dance showing here are also an important part of experiencing the Tang culture.

The Terra Cotta Warriors

Of course, as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Terra-Cotta Warriors(TCW) are something you absolutely must visit. These clay figures were buried along with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. So this mountain is also his mausoleum. I promise you that you will be amazed at first sight at the skill of sculptors from over 4000 years ago when you see the Terra Cotta Warriors. Close to the TCW is a Tang dynasty palace, Hua-Qing Palace, which was a summer palace for emperor Tang Xuan Zong and Queen Yang Yuhuan. There are many ancient poems extolling their love in Chinese history. The ticket price for the TCW is 120 RMB per person, and 14 RMB for Hua Qing Gong ticket. If you have a student card including that from foreign universities, then you can get a half price ticket. Even though the place is a little far from the center of the city, you can take a bus at the East Square of Xi’an Train station. It will take only 6 RMB for the single line per person for the bus ticket.

Ancient City Wall

The Ancient City Wall is one of the symbols of the ancient city of Xi ‘an and is also the only intact ancient city wall in China. The city wall has a very long history. The present Xi’an City Wall you see now was built in Ming dynasty. The City Wall has many gates, and each big gate matches a big square. They often have culture shows like playing ancient music inside the square (PS: The ones in Yong Ning Men square are the highest frequency), if you are lucky enough you can enjoy the shows and all the shows have an Introduction broadcast in English to tell you the meaning of the music or the dance. The most interesting thing should be riding bicycles on the city wall. You can cycle around the city walls while enjoying the whole view of the city. But you can’t ride your own bike, only rented bikes are allowed. But that does not cost too much and you need 300 RMB in cash for the pledge.

Hui street

A very important reason why Xi’an fascinates many people is the food there. Hui-min street is a street of Xi’an’s cuisine. Hui street is full of restaurants and snack shops that are so crowded streets due to so many tourists. These three restaurants you need to try at Hui Street.

Some other places you might want to go to if you have a long term planning.

Da Tang Lotus Garden

Shaanxi History Museum

Ban Po Museum

Tablet Forest Museum

Hua Shan (Mount Hua)

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