Useful Apps for Au Pairs in China

Whether you’re heading to China for a week or for a year, there are a few apps you’re definitely going to need on your phone. In the past decades, with the development of China’s economy and the advancement of internet technology,almost everything can be done now on your phone. These apps are strongly recommended to help you experience life in China and explore the country without much hassle.


Baidu Map

Once you are in China, you may find google maps doesn’t work well here. Don’t worry!  Baidu map is a perfect fit on your smart phone to help you get around!

Download on Google play:


If you live in Beijing or Shanghai, subway is the most effective and easiest transportation.  Metroman is an English interface app which is used for subway map view and intelligent path planning.


Didi is a ridesharing app which is similar to Uber. You can use didi to get a taxi easily. It should be noted that didi drivers generally do not speak English but if you enter your location precisely on the app it should be no problem!



WeChat, as the most popular socialize app in China, is a widely used tool. Your life in China may not leave WeChat. You have to use WeChat to message your friends, go shopping, pay phone bills, unlock shared bikes, transfer money to your friends and so on.


If you use C-trip, book a trip will take you less than 3 minutes!

You can use c-trip to book train tickets and fights, or find out where to go hiking. This app has both Chinese and English supports.


Meituan has a collection of food, drink and entertainment information. People like to check the nearby restaurants, web celebrity bubble tea, famous snacks and other information on it. Meituan is a very convenient APP when you go out and party. Pay attention to their discount information every now and then! 


Duolingo, a free language learning app which includes Chinese and many other languages. Duolingo’s design is very user-friendly, it is fun to study since its like a game, and with no interruptions by ads. After choosing a language course, two difficulty settings will be provided according to the user’s ability. One is for beginners and another for intermediate learners.


WPS is a useful free Office App for smart phone (iPad) and PC. It works both on Android and iPhone. You can use this App to read or edit documents on your smart phone. It supports “word files”,”Powerpoint files”,”Excel files” and PDF files and it has language support for 8 languages on the PC and 64 languages on the mobile app. One account can get you 1G free cloud space, to access files anytime between computers or mobile devices.

Download on

Shimo Office

Shimo Office is an online web office App for noting or writing essays. It is also Aupairia’s official tool for writing your daily reports which is part of the program. You can use shimo to take notes when you study Chinese and it is easy to share it with your friends with a short link.

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DangDang(当当) specializes in selling books. On this website, you can find almost all the books you wish to purchase. They offer 30% off sale on lots of books, constantly giving you a surprise! Its interface only supports Chinese. You can translate what you want into Chinese and put it into the search bar. I don’t recommend you buy anything except books on dangdang unless you really like it. And it is strongly recommended that you fill in the delivery address to be the Aupairia office address to avoid losing your favoriate books! Website:

Translation apps

Youdao Translator

Youdao translator is issued by netease and youdao. It is the first translation app that supports offline translation feature, and it can be used without network. The app supports translation of 107 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian and Spanish. Equipped with powerful camera and photo translation feature, the translation results can be obtained quickly.


Jd, comparable to Amazon, is a shopping website with a big range of products. Jd has a fast logistics network, you can get the goods you buy online very quickly. It also supports the use of WeChat payment, which brings great convenience to your online shopping experience. If you are not sure how to express what you want to buy in Chinese, don’t hesitate to ask your Aupairia supervisor for help.

Eating and drinking

E le me

Ele. me is an online meal ordering app. You can choose your favorite restaurant nearby and order online. Fill in an address and someone will take your food to the place you specify.

Luckin Coffee

Luckin coffee is a very popular coffee store in China, you can see them everywhere in Beijing. Luckin coffee has a unique taste and many coffee varieties. A new user can get a cup of coffee for free from the coffee store. You can choose to pick it up in the store or pay a delivery fee to deliver it to your designated location.

Learn Chinese

Du Chinese

Du Chinese is a powerful tool that makes Chinese learning simple and effective. Their built-in features let you practice your Chinese in a more natural environment, with assistance provided whenever you need it.

This app has a dictionary function that shows you what each specific word means in a sentence. The sentences are manually translated by their instructors into proper English. The current word is highlighted karaoke-style to help you read along. Du Chinese has over 1 000 Chinese lessons with 5-6 new lessons added each week. The lessons are categorized by difficulty and topic to optimise your learning experience.

Get the installing from web:

Videos and Music

Tencent Video

Tencent video offers you a great selection of dramas, movies and many other TV shows for free!

Link to the web:

Netease Music

Free online music player. You can find most of the popular songs on Netease Music.

Hope these recommendations are useful for your life and study as an au pair in China. Please e-mail me when you need any help or have any trouble during using these Apps.

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