How to Overcome Jet Lag as An Au Pair in China

Jet lag is a problem that always bothers travellers when they are travelling across many time zones especially for au pairs flying from a western country to China. Your body perceives the previous time zone and feels tired, excited or sleepy etc in the wrong time in the new time zone. Don’t worry!  We have some advice for you!   

1.Prepare in advance

Don’t just get your package done before you start, get yourself prepared physically as well: set your watch and daily life time (time to have a meal, to wake up, to go to bed etc) closer to that of your travel destination after you get on board the plane. For example, if you are travelling from New Zealand to China, try to sleep later than usual. Remember only to adjust your watch after you are in the plane unless you want to miss your flight!  

2.Drink more water than usual

Drinking more water is important, because a lack of water will enhance the feeling of jet lag, so even if you are not thirsty, also try to drink more water. However, skip drinks with alcohol and caffeine, because they will make you lose water quicker.

3.Try to sleep at the plane

Though dificult, try to sleep at the plane. Bring earplugs and patches, try not to be influenced by the surroundings.

4.No naps!

Despite your long, tiring flight, try not to sleep for too long. Get up in the morning according to the Beijing time. Leave your pillows and beds alone, talk to someone, or go out for a walk.

5.Adapt to the local weather

If you are travellng to somewhere colder, bring more warm clothes. If warmer, pack some light clothes for the warm weather.

Hope the information could help smooth your au pair stay in China. And enjoy your unforgettable experience in China!  

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