Icecar Culture Activity

In the cultural activity of last week, Aupairia brought the au pairs to Shi cha hai to enjoy the ice car ride!
Icecar is a popular game for kids and teenagers in winter in North China. The simplest ice car is made of wood. Now we have different types of ice cars.

Icecar is a part of Chinese traditional winter sport “冰嬉(bing xi)”. Bingxi is originated in Song Dynasty(about 100AD) and become a popular sport in Qing Dynasty(1644-1921AD). Many emperors of Qing Dynasty loved this sport and made it as a part of military training. Beijing is the capital city of Yuan, Ming and Qing three Dynasties. So the game and sports on ice are very popular. Many parents in Beijing will take their kids to play ice car or skate in Winter. Shichahai, as the biggest lake in the city, is the best place to have an ice car ride and skate! Look how happy and concentrated our au pairs were doing this activity!

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