Culture Activity: Making Dumplings

Last week, Aupairia au pairs and staff celebrated the Laba festival at Beijing Office by making dumplings.
Laba Festival is celebrated on December 8th of Chinese lunar calendar, which is considered as the prelude to Spring festival celebration. On this day, Chinese usually prepare some festival food such as Laba garlic and Laba congee, or the universally applicable festival food – dumplings to celebrate.
During the making dumpling activity, the au pairs learned how to make dumplings. Also, they created many other shapes of ‘dumplings’ such as rabbit which look very cute. 

au pair Portia with her cute rabbit dumpling au pair Edit is making a dumpling 
Apart from the common fillings we prepared, we also added a few pistachio inside the fillings of dumplings, and it’s said that people who eat them will get good luck for the new year! After we cooked the dumplings, and Portia and Dom Ling got the lucky dumplings!! Congratulations!
Finally, we enjoyed the delicious dumplings after we cook them!

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