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Becoming an au pair in China

Free flights! Free room and board! Free Mandarin lessons and Chinese cultural experiences! Even free wifi!

Live as a family member with a Chinese family and improve the language skills of their kids. Share your culture and language with your host family and enjoy a life changing experience. You will also learn Mandarin and take part in cultural activities such as calligraphy and art classes. You will also have ample free time to explore Beijing and beyond. We will even take you out to explore the Great Wall.

Discover Chinese Culture

Learn Chinese and discover 5000 years of traditions and culture

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A big well done goes to our au pairs who joined one of Aupairia's October Chinese cultural activities - Calligraphy! You are all experts now!

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Hi guys, I'm Marco from Italy. I have been au pair in Beijing for almost three months. On my spare time I travelled to lots of places both in and out of the city. One of my favoriate places is a nearby city called Tianjin, which i went with two other au pairs Toby and Roxane and one of our friends in Beijing. As a coastal city on the shore of Bohai sea, it has its unique sceneries from the cosy beach to its city life. Here are my five reasons why you should visit it.

What our Au Pairs Say...

Tutoring English to the host kid is so much fun and definitely something I really enjoy. The family are always so nice to me and treat me like family.


I had an amazing time meeting people and discovering China and its culture. I would encourage everyone to do this!


I've done a lot of new and exciting things in China, such as walking and running on Tianjin Great Wall and Da Qing mountain in Hohhot.


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